Amazing morning here in Florida. To think our temperatures could go from almost 80 degrees yesterday afternoon, to a chilly 44 on this very crisp and clear Sunday Morning

We had a great day here at M.A.R.S. on Saturday. People we love to see, prior adopters, came for a visit, along with new possible adopters.  People from Atlanta, Orlando, Georgia and Louisiana visited too.We also took in a few boarders for those folks with plans to be away during New Years Eve celebrations.

Jane, Bill and I worked very hard to make sure all the Cockatoos, Macaws, Amazons, and all the rest of the avians who reside here at our exotic bird rescue had everything they needed for their cages to be clean and cozy. New boxes, good treats, wood to chew,  and a stuffed animal or two(thank-you Bill) for those who do not like to feel alone, like our Jakers for instance. Birdy boot camp attendee Shelby aka Sheldon is learning to cuddle a few stuffed animals too. The outside aviaries received an extra cleaning in lieu of the rains that were predicted to arrive early evening, but thankfully the stormy weather never came our way. The cold did.

So downstairs I went to start a fire. With my laptop, coffee and pumpkin bread in hand, brought by my friend Susan from Downtown Produce, a blog was my goal. The blog subject was eluding me. I turned on the radio for some soothing holiday music, and instead, a sermon from a local church filled my ears. I wanted to turn the dial,  but soon found the words  making me a bit teary eyed. The message was that if you have been scorned or put down by people in your past learn to trust again for they are not worth the time you gave to them. And if you need help in this life do not be afraid to ask for it and ask for it loud and with clarity.

 We are asking all of you to please support, and donate to our cause and we are asking loud and with clarity. We need all of your support at this time to continue on with all the work we do here at Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary. Please Help us to Help all of those who come through our doors.

So as the saying on this 1925 fireplace so aptly states, let us all have a New Year filled with Love and cheer. From all of us to all of you.

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