Kids Corner

Kids birthday party with the birds Kiefer, Dakota and Dusty

Kids birthday party with the birds Kiefer, Dakota and Dusty

Mary with her favorite birds

Mary with her favorite birds

The Kids Corner is a very important part of the Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary. It is here where we will tell of special events for and about kids that happen here on the M.A.R.S. property in Melbourne Beach, and sometimes in other locations.

Birthday girl Aly (middle) in the M.A.R.S. patio

Birthday girl Aly (middle) with friends in the M.A.R.S. patio

Aly with bird Hot Rod

Olivia with bird Hot Rod

Here at M.A.R.S. we hold all kinds of events, from BBQ’s to Art Shows. People gather not only for the love of birds but also to have a good time! We recently celebrated the birthday of Aly Donovan on the grounds. She found the feathered funnies much more entertaining than a bunch of clowns! Aly had lots of M.A.R.S. parrots in attendence (see pictures) and was even happier when she discovered they don’t eat cake and ice cream!

Smoothie Corner

Smoothie corner at M..A.R.S. with Christina and Mary

Smoothie corner at M..A.R.S. with Christina and Mary

It takes a lot of energy to run around taking care of almost 30 birds. At times it can be downright exhausting! Luckily, Christina and Mary have the sixth sense for when M.A.R.S founder LuAnn Apple needs a boost and thats how their delicious Smoothie recipes came into being!

That’s why we created the “Smoothies Corner”, a place where we from the Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary and our volunteers can get a little treat in between all the hard work. In order to make sure that we meet their taste, our volunteers are encouraged to bring in their ideas and recipes for freshly prepared smoothies. The girls certainly look happy with their Strawberry smoothies!

Volunteer Of The Month

volunteer-of-monthOur “army” of little helpers has been constantly growing in the last couple of months. In order to encourage their continuous efforts and (maybe) attract more volunteers to join our cause, we thought that we would create a “Volunteer Of The Month” award. Who of all our helpers assists us best?

Who knows how to best handle all the various feathered characters in our aviary? Who has the best skills to become a famous “birds whisperer”?

Here at the “Kid’s Corner”, we will present the boy or girl who has been awarded with our prestigious “Volunteer Of The Month” award. Stay tuned!

Suggestions and Ideas

We are always open to suggestions that will further the continued care of the residents of M.A.R.S. Contact us with any ideas on fund raising or contact us about having your special day whatever the ocassion happens to be here at M.A.R.S.

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