Believe it or not, the toy you see pictured here was envisioned and assembled by a friend of M.A.R.S. named Bonnie.

The treasure trove of wooden objects used in creating this wooden masterpiece were all part of an Estate sale featured locally by Southern Trading Company.

The entire contents of the place was for sale and there were boxes and boxes of unfinished wooden items as you see pictured here.

Only through the eyes of a very creative person could all those parts and pieces turn into a bird toy such as this one pictured.

Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary wants to send out a big THANK-YOU to Bonnie. Please know that all the parrots that reside here at our Florida Parrot Rescue M.A.R.S. will have a great time getting their beaks on a piece of this amazing creation. Of course pictures of this will appear in another blog in the near future.

We always ask you to remember a donation to our cause continues to help us to help all of them. Adoption is the only way to go. So many exotic birds, from Cockatoos and Macaws to Amazons and Conures and Quakers and so many other species are waiting in rescues all over the country for someone just like you to provide a loving home.

Visit our parrot rescue when you can but be sure to check our open days of operation posted on our Facebook.com/marsparrots page. Weather and volunteer ability are the deciding factors. You can also e-mail marsparrots@aol.com or use the contact form right here on our official site www.marsparrots.org.


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