Amazing Cockatoo our very own Clyde Posted May 13, 2010 by LuAnn Apple


Through out the years I have met many amazing cockatoos, however none can compare with a little Citron named Clyde. His life force has a never ending power supply. He has feathered friends that care for him and watch over him. He has the ability to come through circumstances that could easily drain the life force from a much healthier and larger bird. Yes, he truly is an amazing little guy our Clyde

Originally Clyde came to us in such a state, that I did not believe he would survive the week. He was in a severe state of depression, and very weekend physically. Well, he showed us all what a change of environment, lots of love and good food, sunshine and fresh air, and lots of baths can do to change a birds prospective on life.

Clyde has faced a new challenge. Recently he had to have his wing removed. Now understand he was never much of a flyer , nor did he demand to be one. He did however do the most amazing WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! with both wings up at the same time. His way of saying he was very happy with one thing or another.

He is fighting to deal with this loss. He has good days and bad ones. He will always try his best to act normally, but as you can imagine, he knows he is missing that wing. The other day I gave out large tortilla chips, Clyde took it and placed it where his wing used to be and looked at me with a look only Clyde could muster. A bit impish a bit sad, but if you can believe this with humor. He followed the action with a big WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!. Only our Clyde, He is truly one of a kind. Live long Clyde. We all would miss you way to much, and so would all your feathered friends, especially Mr. Stubbs and Big Bird.

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  • Chris Burgr May 16, 2010 at 2:14 am

    Clyde is a very special bird he has touched both me and my wife. He is strong and funny. His “hello” is one of the most endearing I have ever heard spoken by a parrot. You really need to hear it to appreciate it. If you get the chance to visit MARS you really need to check our little buddy Clyde.

    A final note on this amazing little dude is that he has the cutest trot when he travels from his outdoor day cage to his indoor sleep cage.

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