Angel Baby, loving her second chance at life Posted March 4, 2012 by LuAnn Apple


  Angel, if you were given a second chance at living longer would you?

   Well fortunately for all of us here at M.A.R.S. parrot rescue, that decision was made for her by her previous owner, and another very caring person.

  Angel, a female Umbrella Cockatoo, was set to be euthanized for medical reasons. Although we can at times understand this very difficult decision some owners have to face, that does not mean there might not be viable alternatives available to pursue. 

  Such was the case with Angel who had recurring prolapse. Please note the medical term, I am sure, is much more complicated.

  Given the chance as an owner to be able to relinquish or surrender your bird to a rescue, and get the medical attention and care so desperately needed, would you do so?

  Thankfully Angels’ previous owner made this decision, and what follows is Angels story and her life as a resident here at Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary, our Florida parrot rescue M.A.R.S.

 Angel received a  series of procedures to correct her medical issue from something commonly called a purse string, to actually opening her up and attaching the excess internals to a spot under her rib cage.  All of these very successful, but not necessarily long term. Recently a simple external snip and a few stitches and all is better then ever for Angel.

 Everyday Angel shows us how happy she is at our exotic bird rescue. She climbs trees, loves to be social, enjoys being spun around and enjoys what we call her diving show, where she counts to three and then falls into a diving  head on fall, of course while I am holding her tightly by her feet.  She loves to show off  and demands to be able to do so.

All who come visit our Florida Parrot Rescue M.A.R.S. , should ask to meet our resident Angel. She will, I am sure be happy to give you a show, and tell you that she deserved a second chance at true happiness.

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  • Marsparrots March 19, 2012 at 3:09 am

    We are now fortunate to have a volunteer who loves to help out with videos. Thank-you to Jane who is going to do an Angel video for us very soon. Stay tuned……….

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