Angels Antics Are Always Amazing. Posted April 1, 2012 by LuAnn Apple


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Every once in a while, the exotic birds that get a second chance, have the opportunity to show us, the humans, how much they appreciate still being alive and well, and cared for every day.

Their outwordly expressed actions and reactions are shared with all of us here at M.A.R.S. on a daily basis. Their antics shared with you, through our pictures and stories, and sometimes  if you’re lucky enough, when visiting Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary.

We ask you to remember that we are a working aviary. That means the care and feeding of the exotic birds comes first.  We are sometimes, here at our Florida Parrot Rescue M.A.R.S., all on overload in getting the tasks at hand completed in time for the birds to go back to their inside cages.

Hopefully we can get the message across that when planning a visit, you first check for our updates posted on our Facebook page Weather and volunteer availability directly effect the days we can open. Second that you try and put us first on your list when planning a visit. Birds, get very tired and sometimes very cranky after being out all day. And if we’ve had a larger than normal amount of visitors they can become downright loud. The exotics, believe it or not, need their quiet time too, and by later in the day, so do all of us here at M.A.R.S..

As always, we ask that you understand the need for your support in the form of donations. We always need supplies, and need to cover our food costs. You can donate right here on, on our Donate page, and also through Facebook,, and Network for good. We need you all to continue to help us help them. Thank-you.


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