LuAnn and LilyjpgM.A.R.S. just got our lap top back from the Geek Squad. After fumbling through all the programs I needed to add and obviously hoping for the best results I could possibly achieve on my own, well, here we are once again. So please stay tuned for more. You all have alot of catching up to do with all the goings on here at our exotic bird rescue.

It certainly has not been dull. nor have we had much down time at all unlike this lap top,(hahha). Yard sales, we have had at least two. Special events, Our “MOONLIGHT EASTER EGG HUNT”. Adoptions, alot. Happy birds well I sure hope so because we all work really hard to make that happen here at Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary, our Florida based adoption and rescue sanctuary.

Pictures will start being posted once again, yes we will still use our Facebook.com/marsparrots page for most of that and hopefully we can make all of you smile at our progress so far this year. Has there been some drama, well of course! Will we share all? We sure will.

In closing, I must give a huge thank-you to all the volunteers, this was not an easy few months. To all our supporters near and far we continue to be so very greatful to you. Without all of you, our Volunteers and Supporters we could not continue this work.

We will from this point on keep posting regular updates for all of you on Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary. There will be changes to our visitor policy, and a blog post will explain all of it to those who wish to be in the know.


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