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Sometimes, most of the time, when there is little to no financial help and no one seems to care, something amazing can happen.This was, and is exactly how it unfolded.IMG_0028IMG_0027

These are the remains of the aviaries  pictured here. They became unrepairable and unsafe for the parrots who lived in them. In addition, anyone who follows our parrot rescue M.A.R.S.,  knows the squirrels were making our feed bills exorbitant.

We tried to raise funds on our face book  page, and applied for three grants, with three turn downs.  All of these avenues failed . Funding did not come our way. So, with that said, time to pray hard and get creative, and be practical in our endeavors.

Creative, came from the minds of Richard and Taylor Carr.  The practical application, well, it simply showed itself to us. We saved and used one of two roof  tops that were still in fair condition. Saved as much of the fencing material, plastic siding and wire from on the original aviaries that could be used as well..  Richard, and Taylor IMG_0031set to it and designed and constructed this unit.

Another creative addition to the new structure, food bowl holders to accomodate two very happy Macaws.IMG_0032

We will build more of these units in the future as funding shows itself.

Our sincerest thanks to both these amazing people for volunteering their time and  all the hard work it took to complete our new addition to M.A.R.S. 












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  • leslie April 23, 2013 at 4:53 am

    What incredible, creative and resourceful friends you have – super smart and the end result is amazing. I am so sorry you didn’t get the grants – wish I understood more about how that works? I bet you could still use a good grant writer? Sending lots of love to you and all the birds!

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