Clicking away can make for such a lucky picture day. Posted July 14, 2013 by LuAnn Apple


It seems possible, but for me, the novice picture taker, very unlikely to ever get a clear picture of a parrot in flight.

Keiffer, was the bird I set my lens on as he is one of our most frequent flyers here at our parrot rescue known as M.A.R.S..

To those in the know, Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary, believes in flighted birds and their ability to be smart and savy when given their chance to show all of us they know how to use their wings and how to be safe when doing so. Yes I have chased down a few birds in my day, and I now know that they must learn to fly, where they live and feed and sleep.

Jane and Linda were on deck yesterday, so for the most part I spent time outside with all the Cockatoos, Amazons, and Macaws,  bathing,  giving treats and watching out for changes in the threatening weather that was all around us most of the day. Fortunately, other then a few sprinkles it never came our way.

So let’s get back to Keiffer. He was a bit on the wild side, actually alot on the wild side as nature continued to put on it’s thunder and lightening show. He reveled in getting all the rest of the birds very excited, but in a good way, not to an adjitated state.  He hopped and flew from deck to umbrella and railing to cage warning his friends, and making them aware to the ever present danger of the pending storm. Of course, it is necessary to remember, we the humans have the ability to influence this behavior too, by acting in a rational way or not. I do not recommend the” not” part!!!

IMG_0449 IMG_0452

There is a brief glimpse of a tail and wing in this first shot.

Followed by, yes!!IMG_0454 that would be Keiffer. Remember always when visiting M.A.R.S., even though our hours have chanced so much recently and we apologize to those who have tried to visit and could not do so, that a donation to our cause helps us to continue helping all of them in every way we can. You make this possible.





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