D.J. Marcotulio is at it again. Posted January 19, 2014 by LuAnn Apple



Once again D.J. Marcotulio captured the likeness of two Cockatoos who were at one time residents of our parrot rescue, Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary, and happily I might add that both are now adopted. Her watercolor color portrait of Bryan and Briddy is just a perfect likeness of these two.

Dot would love to paint a custom portrait of your favorite feathered family member. If you would like her to do so, contact her by phone (321)-728-0894 or email DPMplus2@icloud.com.

To view other works by this artist, ask any of us when you visit M.A.R.S. to show you Big Bird & Stubbs, and Cuddles portraits. You will see how well she captures her subjects essences with her amazing talent. Thank-you Dot for being such an amazing artist and a friend and supporter of our organization simply known as M.A.R.S..

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