The measure of life, after all, is not it’s duration but it’s donation.” (Corrie Ten Boom)

Your donations make it possible to do all the things necessary to continue the work and programs that the Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary has started. Every day M.A.R.S. needs are growing, and much faster than we ever thought possible. The aviaries are the second ones to be built on the M.A.R.S property, and every day we bandaid them back together, and that’s just for a start.  The ones shown on this website costed around $5000 to build.    

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The food necessary to feed the feathered residents of M.A.R.S. is another large part of the need for your donations. In addition to large amounts of fresh fruits and produce, we also have a bi-monthly feed store bill that averages about $425 per visit. We also provide the addition of protein to their diet, which consists of fresh cooked chicken legs, and for some like our resident Clyde an ocassional steak, his favorite form of protein. Your support through using the donate button below will insure that all this can continue.     
donations-mars-parrotsLast but not least, is the medical care that needs to be provided. We are fortunate at this time as we are receiving amazing help in that area, but this has not been the case in the past. Our failure to provide much needed special care to some, had  been a source of much heartache (more stories about this later in the blog). The names of Slick, Powder and Chico and others will not be forgotten.
Please know that all donations go directly to the upkeep of the residents of M.A.R.S., and that by visiting our website and participating in the dialogue via our blog you will continue to be a part of something that is truly quite amazing.

Feel free to donate any amount you like. Any contribution is highly appreciated. All donations are tax-deductible.

Thanks to the online payment system Paypal, making a donation to the Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary is extremely easy – your payment will be completed in a few clicks:

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Additionally, if you would like to adopt, surrender or release a bird or become a M.A.R.S. volunteer, check out the forms section and send us the desired application.


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