From tree to tree, Mango and Hot Rod fly free Posted May 11, 2010 by LuAnn Apple



Hot Rod

When asked how I spend the days at Florida Parrot Rescue, M.A.R.S., I  reply, “One never knows what will unfold at the parrot sanctuary on any given day”.

Take for instance last Thursday, when two fully flighted harlequin Macaws got to try out their wings. Mango and Hot Rod, available for adoption here at Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary are siblings who never leave each others side. So no surprise, when one took flight the other followed.

We here at M.A.R.S. have a three day rule. In three days they are hungry and thirsty, so you had better track them and pray that’s the day of recovery.

From tree to tree on day three we were successful. They were none the worse for the wear, and I believe fully enjoyed their time in the air. They were a beautiful sight for all to see, but not necessarily for me, the tracker.

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