Fun, fundraising, M.A.R.S. Yard sales Posted February 9, 2015 by LuAnn Apple


Although it is often a difficult task to put together these sales, it seems  they have become the only sure fire way to raise much needed funds for the parrots of M.A.R.S. We do receive a certain amount of donations from some very caring individuals but nothing that provides the on going funding necessary to keep a rescue operational.


So now comes the task of  keeping up the flow of funds by continuing to clean out and breakdown estate sales and yard sales,  acquiring as much resalable goods as we can    possibly store here at Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary  in our outback barn area.


Then of course it becomes time to actually  schedule, organize, and set up the sale and pray it does not rain on the days we choose. Against a lot of odds we pull these sales off but the biggest obstacle of all is a volunteer pool willing to put in many hours of prep time as well


Here is where the difficulty lies. The time it takes away from the rescue which is in itself a full time job,  makes keeping up this way of funding more and more difficult.


Although no other alternative has shown itself and of course we are very  great full this way has proved so successful. It is becoming increasingly hard to keep up the pace.


We are now putting it out there to all of you who follow M.A.R.S. to give us your best suggestions for seeking and finding resources and funding for this coming year.  Thank you to all who read this message.


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