chilly weatherYep!!!! believe it or not this is for the inside of the house. Temperature reading outside is 35 degrees.

Now I certainly know for the rest of the country this can be considered pretty much mild temp wise, but here in the Sunshine State we haven’t experienced but one or two really cold nights up until now.

So what better way to heat up a cold house and warm up some amazing avians, and one chilled to the bone bird caretaker??

Of course french toast cooked very slowly on a gas stove.

All the outside birds were brought in last night even though they can easily take these temps as they have boxes to get in and ways to keep warm. But why not give them a change of scenery too. We had boarders and Birdy Boot Camp birds go home yesterday so cages were available to use for them. Now mind you this in itself causes a lot of ruckus among the rest of the crew.

Skipper and Daqueri who have been in and out of M.A.R.S. for years, are well known by many who frequent our rescue and sanctuary. They are, put simply, trouble makers. When they enter a room all he.. breaks loose. Fortunately after strategically placing a few blankets and comforters to block the view of them from some of the very agitated birds, all soon became quiet once again.

Again, all here at M.A.R.S.,thank all of you who read our blog and continue to keep up with all the goings on at Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary. It is never very dull for very long, and we only wish there was more time to share more stories with you. Lately raising funds to keep going has been our focus. And that in itself is story waiting to be told.

More soon from M.A.R.S.. Please think of us – and consider a donation or become a M.A.R.S. member. We need your help to continue all we do to help all the avians. And do not forget to check out our Facebook page for more info and pictures.

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  • Gary March 5, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    I appreciate you putting the little blurb in about Cockatoo’s needing extra love, attention, etc. As the dad of a 12 year old female U2, I can attest to everything you said.

    Chloe is not the prettiest nor the quietest bird in the flock. But she is the most loving and most loyal creature I have ever met. I have had her for 7 years. We have been through a lot together. When people hear her story they say “Ohhh… she is so lucky you gave her a forever home.”

    I want the world to know. I am just as lucky she came into my life. Cockatoo’s are just a special creature. We also have a Jardine, 2 Meyers, a Senegal and a Patagonian Conure. All very pretty and very smart. Wonderful birds. But my Cockatoo is special.

    But do as LuAnn says. Before getting a Cockatoo, please make sure you have no great love for Grandmother’s antique coffee table. Or the base board in the entertainment room. Or that beautiful blanket that you use to keep warm while watching TV.

    Also, make sure your neighbors don’t have a problem with a noise level that rivals a 747 at takeoff that may erupt from your house when your neighbor walks by your bird room windows when he is still on his own property.

    Put locks on your closet doors or there won’t be enough of your wife’s new $300 Prada’s to make a change purse from. DON’T close bathroom doors when nature calls or you will be replacing doors and trim on a regular basis.

    I could go on and on BUT if you don’t care about this and a 100 other things that will cause your wife to keep a divorce lawyer on speed dial…. Then consider a Cockatoo. You are lucky that LuAnn is understanding enough that you can bring back your Cockatoo and trade it on a conure or a Senegal or maybe a nice Amazon IF things don’t work out.

    I will keep my Chloe even if my wife has to walk around with steel toe shoe’s and all my jeans have “funny white spots” that don’t wash out on them.

    She is Daddy’s Precious Princess and we love each other very much.

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