IMG_0397 Time once again to fill up the Christmas tree with toys galore for all the parrots who reside here at our exotic bird rescue. Located in Melbourne Beach Florida, Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary better known as M.A.R.S. for the short version is asking all of you to participate in filling up the tree once again. This toy drive was so successful last year because of all of you who made it happen. M.A.R.S. hopes to fill the tree and have enough left over to last for three to possibly four months. Toys keep them happy and busy, and yes the best reason of all “QUIET”.

All monitary donations can be made right here on our website using credit cards and paypal. Of course the old fashion way of mailing a check works just as well, just not as fast. Once we have reached our goal of $500.00, please note our minimum wholesale order needs to be $300.00 to start, then we will order away and fill the tree for all to see.

Thank-you to all who participate in the making of the “Toy Tree” All of us both avian and human thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Yes to all that noticed this is a pic from last year, as I am still dealing with putting away our (over the top) yard sale remains, and well putting up the tree is very time consuming, any volunteers??

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