Louisa, small bird with a very large personality. Posted September 9, 2012 by LuAnn Apple


This amazing little cupcake of a bird, no larger then a bird cup herself, packs as much personality into her small package as any parrot I have ever encountered.

Louisa is her name, an African Senegal parrot is her species.

I am happy to report to all that Louisa found her forever home this past Friday.

Always willing to supervise a job no matter what the job entailed, Louisa was ever present here at M.A.R.S.. She had her eyes on almost everything at all times. Never one to be left out of the loop.

Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary was greatful for the chance to try and find Louisa a new home. At times it seemed that no one wanted to give her a chance. Senegals sometimes, it seems, are known for being a bit trying as pets, and we have had a few of those here at our Florida Parrot Rescue M.A.R.S..

To all of those who have adopted from a rescue and all those who are considering doing do we salute you. They all deserve a second chance, and we must continue to facilitate this process. There are so many in need, and the right bird in the right home is an amazing experience.

Remember also that we board birds, so if occasionally, when you need a break or get-a-way we are a safe and fun facility for your bird to come and spend some time.

To all who read this, remember too, that we are a public supported charity and it is with your continued donations and support that we can keep helping all of them who need our voices and our care while trying to find their new forever homes.



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