Some times it’s the little things that can really grab your attention. At times you wonder if it could be a new sign or a new paint job or the fact that it just looks like someone cares. To keep things that are older looking shiny and new, IS BY NO MEANS AN EASY TASK!!!! That is especially true when living and working in a beachside enviorment.  The “Colonial’ is the building that houses Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary. Built in 1925, and thankfully for us built as they say to last. 

Someone noticed that the sign in  our Facebook header said CLOSED, and although I never thought it mattered much at the time, I realized to be warm and inviting to the public and to all our Facebook followers, (facebook.com/marsparrots) we should change that. Of course when doing that I thought why not add some more color to the front in a very inexpensive way, marked down cushions and some bright paint can easily help to acheive a fresh and inviting look. So with most of this done, we now can move on to adding all the fall decorations that make this season of the year so much fun. 

WELCOME AUTUMN, and welcome to all of you who visit our exotic bird rescue located here in Melbourne Beach Florida. Our beautiful little seaside town. Yes I know officially I am a few days early, but it beats being a few days late!!!!  OPEN DAY TODAY

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  • Dot marcotulio October 18, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    Hey. Lou, love the new look, we are getting ready to migrate to MBF, God willing we willsee you in Dec.
    hugs. Dot

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