M.A.R.S. is wet and wild. Posted October 15, 2013 by LuAnn Apple


You might, after all this time, think bath day here at Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary is just another routine day. No way we all say!  This was especially true for our very own Mr. Stubbs who just could not get enough today.  He even improvised using his own bowl when we were busy hosing down the rest of the crew here at M.A.R.S.   IMG_0202                






Linda, Jane and I just kept taking turns with the hose, going all around the outside visitor area where the birds come for their outside time and baths. All the avians just kept asking for more, except for Jakers of course. He just puts up with it because he knows he has to do so. Then he gets IMG_0188once again to go up his favorite tree and dry off in the midday sun.







Woody one of our permanent resident Macaws just instisted on more and more.IMG_0174







So if you think bath day here at our exotic bird rescue is ever routine or dull, then you haven’t visited on one of these days. Plan a visit on one of our open days. (We post schedule updates on our facebook page). Wed. is usually designated bath day. We hope you too have regularly scheduled bath days for your feathered family members. Please when you come to M.A.R.S. remember donations from all of you at any time helps us to continue helping all of them. IMG_0200Just one more for you. Where there is  Mr. Stubbs, Big Bird is always somewhere near by.

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