Cockatoo-KeifferFlorida Parrot Rescue M.A.R.S. that we are trying to bring our stories and “yes some M.A.R.S. drama”, bird related that is, to all of you on a more regular basis.

Now if any of you think that is going to be an easy task, well then just think again !!!!!

Yesterday was a good example. Three appointments were set for the day. Parrots were all out. Two volunteers were on deck, David, aka “Red Legs Greaves” and Caleb, oh, and me of course (Lu)

Our clean up routine for this Wednesday we decided, would be a bit less then our usual routine. Realizing now that some avians actually like a little mess to come back inside to, yes I said mess, that of course does not include dirt or poop or spoiled food. For example, our resident Jakers who spent most of his inside time on Tuesday making the perfect windows in his box, then normally, having to do it all over again. He actually laughed when he went back inside, which got the other adoptable birds here at our Florida parrot adoption and rescue sanctuary laughing or imitating laughter and best of all, no screeming came from Jakers, or suprisingly any one else on this day which was an absolute miracle. Silence, as I always say means happy birds, and a very happy Director.

So let’s get back to the day at hand, and another Jakers story, since as he would like, it was all about him this day. A M.A.R.S.visitor was given permission to play with as many Cockatoos or other birds as he liked, he had previously adopted, it did not work out and he was now looking for a better fit. Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary, has a no fault adoption policy. At some point Jake had come down from his tree to get in on the action, lots of playing going on. Ozzie running around like a crazy bird, Karma climbing up to Jakes tree, Big Bird heading up the tree, Stubbs yelling because Big Bird is heading up there. Keiffer yelling cause he wants to play with Oz. You get the idea. I look up and relize Jake is nowhere visible, not even high up in his tree. I do a Lu. Yep, my volunteers know this one. “STOP everything, let’s all look for Jake”, over the fence, out front, just find him please!!!!! BIRD drama just like I promised.

Want to know the ending?? If it was a happy one or not?? Should I make you wait to find out………………..? YES, Part II soon.


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