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Story about the Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary in "Florida Today"

Story about the Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary in "Florida Today"

We’re proud to announce that we made headlines today! The newspaper “Florida Today”, with a respectable circulation of 92,285 for its Sunday edition, dedicated a story to the Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary. The article titled “Parrot rescue gives birds a second chance” is featured in “Life” section on the paper.

And we’re thrilled to say that “Florida Today” reporter Chris Kidler also did a video interview with me, which is even featured on the homepage of (as of today). Talk about making the news! Here’s the screenshot of the video teaser:

mars-florida-today-homepage The funny thing is I didn’t even realize the video would be seen by anybody much less available on the website of Florida Today! Wish I would have had some time to put some lip gloss on! 🙂 But this is certainly a terrific great opportunity to spread the word and the needs of M.A.R.S.!

In the video, I talk about how our ultimate goal is to make these birds ready for adoption, and to find a good home for them which gives them a little sunshine and a little love. Here’s the full video, it’s about two minutes long:

As the article mentions, our Florida parrot rescue organization entirely depends on financial contributions. We’re also looking for donations for our yard sales and thrift shop. Please contact us if you have something to donate.

M.A.R.S. is also in need of carpenters to help with repairs, the roof, the driveway and building aviaries. Get in touch with us if you can help us (or know somebody who has the expertise)!

Thanks to “Florida Today” for the great coverage!

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