M.A.R.S. Video Interview with WBCC TV Posted July 17, 2009 by LuAnn Apple


We’e excited to announce that we’re in the news again! Our Executive Director Lu Apple was interviewed by WBCC’s Suzy Fleming Leonard and LuAnn Manderville answering lots of questions regarding M.A.R.S. – the Florida parrot rescue sanctuary and showing off some of her beautiful birds who up for adoption! Surrounded by her trusty assistants Mary and Christina Ranieri were Cuddles, Harley, Snoopy, Angel and Cisco. We want to give Mary extra kudos by having Angel literally standing on head throughout the entire interview – now there’s a well behaved bird (who needs a hat, right Mary?!!!)

Lu mentioned that M.A.R.S. is quickly outgrowing it’s space and is looking for a new location and the FUNDING to help make it happen! If you have any good tips for us on this please contact us.

Forty birds is a lot of beaks to feed so please help us to pay all the bills for the food, care and maintainance of our rescue birds by making a donation.

Thank you!

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