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Such good news to share with all of our followers here at M.A.R.S..

Thanks to your gererous monitary donations, we were able to not only almost fill our Christmas tree but we were also able to choose the kind of toys we know that specific parrots here at our rescue are known to go bird crazy over.

For instance, Zoey loves balls, and can go through one every few days. He took the larger ball, slung it, ran after it and played joyfully for a long time, with all the happy sounds a bird can make accompanying the entire episode. 

You all helped answer our Christmas wish  for the birds of Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary. We hope that you might consider a future donation for the same purpose.IMG_0482

We explained that we can buy wholesale and tax free, and your cash donations via pay pal or whatever method you choose, go a lot further to buying more toys because of that fact, 26 lbs.  Just look at our tree and see. Oh and I forgot to mention, that was only half the box of toys up there on the tree. Shelby was in the box picking out his own toy and prevented further decorating at the time.

We thank all of you and we thank Wylds Wingdom for our recent purchases, that we are happy to also say made it here to M.A.R.S. just in time to brighten all their lives till they find new families of their own to do their toy buying.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight, or goodmorning depending on when you are reading this post.



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