OK, What is “Birdy Boot Camp”??? Posted August 1, 2013 by LuAnn Apple


Birdy Boot Camp is primarly a program we have developed here at M.A.R.S. to help exotic bird owners who have reached an impass point with their feathered family member. The main question at hand, is two fold, one, they are looking for solutions to help keep their parrot in their home, or two, the possible need to surrender their parrot to M.A.R.S. 

Friendship is good.

Friendship is good.

Our goal at Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary is obviously the first one. Helping the parrot to stay with the owner.

The process is not a trade secret. Some of our biggest successes have been simple and straight forward. A change of scenery for the parrot, sunshine, fresh air, baths, other birds to watch and learn how to play from, different people to interact with, etc. and providing to the parrot owner a much needed break from their daily routine. The chance for each to see what life is like without the other. Simple right?????

It is then our job to deal with the more difficult Birdy Boot Camp atendees,  which of course happens, when simple is not the solution. That is becoming more prevelant these days as people simply deal with all that life throws in their paths, leaving the bird in a kind of parrot limbo. That’s when a parrot with no skills to entertain itself can become impossible. Screeming, plucking, destructive frustrated behavior can insue.

We simply ask you to ask yourself  if a chance to keep your bird in your home might be worth a stay here at our “Birdy Boot Camp”. We have many successful, happy endings with this program.  We have been given the opportunity to meet some amazing avians and some very misunderstood ones. We  can help to clarify that too.  You have only to make the decision to do so.  Contact marsparrots@aol.com for available dates and times. A one month stay is recommended.



  • leslie August 7, 2013 at 8:45 am

    Birdy Bootcamp is such an interesting and informative post – what I gained from this post is how easy it can possibly be to improve a bird’s situation (and the owner’s too). Sounds like MARS also provides a great little getaway for those birds in need of a vacation!
    Keep up the good work!

  • chichi porteiro March 19, 2014 at 6:21 pm

    A friend of mine talked to you COUPLE of months ago about my mollucam cockatoo BOB he is been living with us for the last 7 years his previous owner left him outside for a year in a cage and when he was loud gave him orange juice with tequila to quiet him down , he can be nicebut he is very agressive and bites at times I consulted with the so called experts but no solutions so far. his diet i thnk is healthy fresh vegies in the morning and fruits in the afternoon and pellets and seed in the cage I wonder if boot camp will be good for him h ow much is the cost and how long he needs to be there? do you have a waiting list? please let me know

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