Tree debris everwwhereCages got washed downNeeded rearranged anyway

Every time we go through these end of summer storms we are amazed by the power of the wind and rains. We are equally grateful and amazed that we escaped the full force of a hurricane once again.  

Monday as you can imagine was nothing short of a miracle, as all who volunteer here at M.A.R.S. were willing to lend lots of hands to the job of cleaning up.

All the aviary birds on Saturday and Sunday, though frequently getting wet, were making happy sounds. Food and boxes changed out at regular intervals to give them the idea that all was right in their world here at the parrot rescue. If they see calm in their caretakers, they remain calm. Of course some extra special treats never hurt. Bribery is a good thing.

So with that said, we will all get back to the daily running of Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary. The care of the exotic birds who reside here will always be our highest priority.

We once again invite you to visit our Florida parrot rescue on any of our open days.  Come and interact with the Cockatoos, Macaws, Amazons and other species of our feathered friends. If you are considering adoption, this is by far the best hands on experience anywhere.

 We sincerely hope you will all continue to support our cause with a donation, or consider becoming a M.A.R.S. member.  As always, we need all the help we can get.

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