This year we are excited to say we have raised $675.00 from our  Facebook posting toward our annual “Fill the Christmas Tree Toy Drive”. Four very generous donors helped us get this far and we are so very grateful to them for doing so.

Now here is the reason for this post so late in the toy fund drive. All here at Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary are wondering if our supporters who receive  our web page feed, or simply follow our blog posts which sorry to say are few and far between, might just be able to help us reach our goal of  an additional 200.00 more so we can place our toy order ASAP……

We know this is last minute but as always we need all of your help to continue doing what we do here at M.A.R.S..

So if any of you can find it in your heart to donate at this wonderful time of the year  we can safely say you have helped  keep a whole lot of  parrots very quiet and happy for many months to come. At least three or four that is……

Donations can be made right here through our web page by simply clicking on the donate button.  And as I always say you will have made many beaks here at our  Florida based Parrot Rescue very very happy indeed.

Happy Holidays everyone and a very Merry Christmas to all.

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