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As mention in the “About” section, the mission of M.A.R.S, our Florida based parrot rescue organization is a simple one. We are committed to finding loving homes for birds who are abandoned, neglected, have health issues, or are not wanted for a variety of other reasons. It is our highest priority to match the right individual or family to a exotic bird that will bring years of  joy to both. We are a no-fault rescue, more on that to follow.

The Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary specializes in parrots. Parrots are the third most popular pets in the world. M.A.R.S. no-fault policy means that if your first choice of avian does not work out, you keep trying till you find the perfect avian companion for your situation.

Please scroll down to view some of our adoptable birds on the Adopt-a-Pet link below. Also view our listings on, and (Florida Parrot Rescue M.A.R.S.), on Facebook.  Availability changes often, and it is difficult to keep updated pictures of adoptable birds current, so check with us via our site contact form, direct e-mail,(, or one of the sites mentioned above.  Adoption papers available on FORMS page.


Macaws are extremely inquisitive, curious, affectionate, and playful animals. Often called winged rainbows, they are the most colorful members of the bird family – with powerful large beaks and long tails. Considered the largest birds among the parrots, these birds flaunt a unique blend of beauty, intelligence, and numerous engaging traits that make them a highly sought after pet.

(Images coming soon!)

1. Isabella or Izzy as we call her, Catalina Macaw, female, $375.00

2. Bella, Green wing Macaw, female, $375.00

3. Ricco, Green wing Macaw, male, $475.00

4. Crackers and Big Blue, both Blue and Gold Macaws.  Would like for them to stay together. $676.00 for the pair.



  1. Cockatoos are very lively and affectionate birds. They are quite cuddly and bond very closely with their owners. They are very social and playfull, and love the interactions humans can provide. Never forget most cockatoos have a two yearold mentality so teach them to play, and to be happy with the time you have to give them.  Over all they are a total delight. Remember we are a no fault rescue, so if one cockatoo does not fit your situation, you can try others till we get the perfect match.

Here are the Cockatoos that we currently have for adoption:

Click on the link “View with PicLens” for an enlarged view of our beloved feathered friends.

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  1. Lilly, Bare-Eyed Cockatoo, female, $225.00
  2. Big Dusty, Umbrella Cockatoo, male, $375.00
  3. Zooey, Umbrella Cockatoo, male, $375.00
  4. Romeo, Umbrella Cockatoo, male,$375.00
  5. Lottie, Umbrella Cockatoo, female, $375.00


We have many other kinds of parrots for adoption. More pics coming soon. Stay tuned!

If you’re interested in adopting one of our beautiful birds, check out the the forms section or contact us, or e-mail directly for questions.

Additionally, don’t forget to have a look at our “Bird’s Talk” page to learn more about the fascinating life stories the M.A.R.S residents!


  • LuAnn Apple August 18, 2015 at 4:08 am

    So glad you found MARS. Unfortunately unless you are coming here on vacation we could not help you we do not ship birds. But you sure could put one of the smaller ones available for adoption on a plane and take home with you after you are approved of course. Thanks for inquiring

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