Pepper the Parrot sings at Super Bowl! Posted February 2, 2009 by LuAnn Apple


[youtube 7dJrbDUs418]

Well, at the Puppy Super Bowl that is! Animal Planet has held this event for non-football lovers for the past 5 years complete with Kitten Halftime show! There certainly is something for all animal lovers!

Meet Pepper the Parrot : Puppy Bowl V : Animal Planet

Animal Planet tells us a little bit about Pepper the Parrot:

Pepper is a 12-year-old African Grey parrot and an ambassador for Phoenix Landing, an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to helping parrots. Pepper has been seen on Animal Planet’s Pet Star and has been featured in BirdTalk magazine, Companion Parrot Quarterly and

Pepper sometimes sings lyrically, but more often does sound effects, she can even bark like a dog! She also loves to watch football, and does amazing sounds like sports fans. She squeals and screams with excitement and sounds exactly like the ref’s whistle.

Somebody better call Simon from American Idol and warn him quick!!!

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