Pumpkin patch, location update and pics. Posted October 10, 2013 by LuAnn Apple


Just some additional clarification on the location information for any of us who are directionaly challenged. I apparently was when I went for a preview yesterday morning. I did not even see this as I was for some reason staring at the other side of the road as I passed byIMG_0143.


I soon realized that the pumpkin patch was North of Aurora Rd, on Wickham on the East side of the road, just to the North of Gatto’s Tire.  Well. the amount of pumpkins Wade brought in for the  Flutie Foundation is just perfect with assorted varieties for purchase to suit all your creative endeavors, and of course, your perfect for carving Halloween jack- o- lantern.


Peanut pumpkins


                                                                                                    Turban squashIMG_0146

                                                                                                      Cushaw GourdsIMG_0147

            M.A.R.S. will be out there shopping for our pumpkins this Saturday from 11:00 till 2:00 ish. We hope that you join us and buy some for your Fall holiday decorations  in support of The Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for children with Autism. Remember these will last throught out to the Thanksgiving Holiday season, so your decorating twice for the price, its a win win purchase for all. thanks for reading.

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