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Absolutely, a must do this blog moment. Hope you all like reading it. So lets start at the end, and work back to the beginning.

This is not necessarily the fun part, the clean up that is, but considering the well received outcome of the endeavor, not such a big deal, big mess well YES!!!

When you wake up to one very cold Florida morning, ( no we could not see our own breath outside), you naturally want to warm things up a bit. Knowing there will soon be some semi cold volunteers on hand and bird beaks all in need of something warm and hopefully delicious. A little inspiration written into the kitchen window, and let the creative process begin.

One of our volunteers Jill, had recently had a party and shared the unused marinated chicken with us, along with the instructions to cook it and not let it go to waste. So what to do? Simple saute it, add some broth, carmelize some red onion, add some sauteed cherry tomatoes, (I love listening to them pop as they cook don’t you)? My friend and amazing cook Susan taught me that one. And yes Susan is usually the one cooking for all the volunteers here at M.A.R.S.. I am just usually the one cooking for the birds, or is that my cooking is for the birds?  Ah well we will let the volunteers be the judge of that.

So we then add the cherry tomatoes and of course garlic cloves, how could I forget to mention lots of garlic cloves. Place everything in the crock pot for a volunteer lunch later in the afternoon.

The final ingredients, tri colored pasta, and additionally, crusty Italian bread and meyer lemon Itallian cookies for desert. Thank you Susan for those delightful additions to round out the meal.

And for the avians of Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary, one of all their favorites, french toast,  made a little more special for all of them on this very chilly Florida day here at our place simply known as M.A.R.S.

And if you are possibly wondering if we all had a really good, delicious and productive day here at M.A.R.S., I can tell you this, all the Cockatoos, Amazons and Macaws are still quiet.. Always a good sign of happy birds.

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