Corene and Rico

Saturday was an interesting and amazing day for M.A.R.S. and a few of our feathered members.

We were invited to attend the RIO premiere in downtown Orlando with our friend Corene Fry. Our job was to meet and greet the movie goers, and introduce then to some amazing exotic birds from our rescue, Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary.

Volunteer Jane Wyman joined in the outing to Orlando, along with Cuddles, the Moluccan Cockatoo, Rico, the Greenwing Macaw and our boarder Stella, the Hyacinth Macaw.

As I always say pictures are worth a thousand words, so view all on our Florida Parrot Rescue M.A.R.S. page on Facebook.

Please remember M.A.R.S.  needs your continued support to survive. Please consider a donation to our cause. FOOD COSTS ARE RISING!!!!!!!!

Thank-you for following our adventures, please continue to do so.

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  • Michala bloom April 19, 2011 at 5:22 pm

    OMG your birds are sooo cute!! im getting a bird soon and i hope i get Chomp! hes adorable! when i saw his picture i just knew that hes the one i wanted!! i hope Chomp is my bird soon! Tell chomp i love him and he may be mine one day!!

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