Saturdays are officially our adoption days Posted November 9, 2010 by LuAnn Apple


The board members and volunteers of  M.A.R.S.  finally realize that potential adopters must have their own day to visit Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary. Saturday is now officially that day.

M.A.R.S.  almost every day of the week is a working aviary. It is all about the care, feeding and well being of our feathered members. Their needs are above and beyond our highest priority.

Realizing the need to facilitate the adoptions of  many of  the M.A.R.S. parrots, and give the individual attention needed to each prospective adopter, which is not the case on a weekday, Saturday is now adoption day.

All who visit here on a Saturday know that the atmosphere is relaxed and casual. The hard work has been completed, the avian members generally on good behavior, and quality time is available  for all who seek to adopt or simply visit our facility

With that said, our new days for visiting M.A.R.S. are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Remember, only on Saturdays will we be doing adoptions.

If for any reason Saturdays are not possible for prospective adopters than e-mail or contact us through this site via our contact form. Other arrangements can be discussed.

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