“The 9/11 Greys” Posted September 3, 2009 by LuAnn Apple


Danny Boy
Danny Boy 004
Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy

Katie girl
Katie girl

Eight years ago, terrorists attacked our nation. This event effected us immeasureably and changed us forever. Our securities were breached, our defenses were compromised. We were vulnerable.

Historic records tell of the events that unfolded that fatefull day of September 11, 2001. What history won’t record is the legacy of the animals that survived. I will now tell the story of “The 9/11 Greys”.

Pictured above are our three feathered members of history, three SURVIVORS of the World Trade Center attacks.
The apartment building was located not far from the collapsed towers where they survived for days without food, fresh water, and their human caretakers. Their enviornment had windows blown in and the rooms were filled with smoke and toxic dust.
How were the birds found?  The city was using rescue dogs for live animals, different from the  cadavor dogs which I guess is self-explanatory. The bird’s owners all died in the attack.  The lady that rescued the birds was named MICHELLE RODGERS, it was her dog who actually found the birds. She said she found M.A.R.S. on the net and after meeting with me said that she could tell that I  feel the same about birds as she does.
M.A.R.S. is proud to have been chosen by their rescuer to provide safe haven and re-homing to the 9/11 Greys.
What could be a more patriotic gesture than to donate or adopt one of these little troopers!
To all who perished, and all who survived, we will forever remember 9/11.
And M.A.R.S  proudly salutes Pretty Boy, Katie Girl and Danny Boy and we hope you do too!


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