The amazing U2 girls, jealously within the flock Posted August 29, 2010 by LuAnn Apple


It truly is amazing to think that within a group of female U2s’ at M.A.R.S., Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary, there is jealously running rampant.

Take our very own Lilly for example. She will fly and dive bomb only the females if given the chance to do so. If we ever have a question about eye color, male or female, we let Lilly decide. Yesterday, Lotty, a female umbrella cockatoo, showed the same behavior when faced with visitors interested in adoption who came to our parrot rescue. She immediately pushed another female away to gain access to the humans. Emily, the other female cockatoo, simply looked on in dismay at the situation. Perhaps when Lotty has found a new home, Emily will have a chance to find a forever home too.

Please consider a donation to our cause so we can continue finding homes for all the M.A.R.S. members.

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