The Melbourne Bird Expo and Show Posted November 7, 2012 by LuAnn Apple



Sunday, November 4th M.A.R.S. joined in with numerous others to attend the local Bird Expo. So many people stopped by our table to say hi, and meet and greet the two birds we chose to take along for the event. Cuddles and Stella were the lucky avians who got to come along, and knowing birds I should know by now that two groups of avians should always accompany us to events. After about three hours, we should bring in the next group.
It was so fun to see past volunteers of Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary, and some of our more recent adopters in attendence.
We look forward to being invited to attend these events in the future and will get more organized, and bring more birds to meet and greet. Thank-you to all, especially to Jane who joined in on the fun.
Maybe we even recruited a few new volunteers. Keep you fingers crossed.

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