Very early in the morning, just before sunrise, in that rapid dream state of sleep, the unexpected crash and sound of breaking glass can awaken you with such a jolt. That darn cat was my first thought.

Up I jumped and all around I looked. Cat number one is quietly sleeping, not disturbed at all by the noise and cat number two is outside the kitchen door, in his usual morning place asking to be let inside for breakfast.

So what on earth made such a ruckus? Searching everywhere, literally high and low, the culpret finally came into view.

Look very closly, and you will see the Screech Owl on the basket staring back at me.

I went into my bird mode, using all the tricks that I have learned here at M.A.R.S. to retreive a wayward bird, and there are so many to share. However I should perhaps  post another blog on that someday.

Around and around this Raptor flew, out of my reach and me finally out of breath. So I gave up, opened all the windows and doors, and yes you guessed it, out the door he flew. Glad to be free from his nights captivity. ( Picture would not load, new camera not cooperating)

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  • Lppatson May 23, 2012 at 5:11 am

    there’s just no rest for the weary right? that screech owl apparently knows the cool place for birds to hang out! Good job on showing him his way “out” and what a great and well written story!

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