This Art Gallery is for the Birds! Posted February 16, 2009 by LuAnn Apple



The Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary lent more than a splash of color when they headed over to Art Gallery and Studio in old downtown Melbourne last Sunday. Everyone agreed that the birds and the art were a perfect compliment to each other!

Who said parrots couldn’t be “Patrons” of the Arts?! Cortez (far right on her perch) found the gallery irresistable. Every chance she got she got down and wandered around the gallery surveying the art much to the amusement of the gallery patrons! She even posed for a picture with her favorite painting! Now that she has discovered art as her new passion along with the tons of TLC she receives from M.A.R.S. she will stop plucking out her breast feathers and be as beautiful as her buddy Snoopy!

All in all it was a perfect Florida afternoon for viewing wonderful colorful artwork, great photography, meeting interesting people and getting to know and interact with the amazing members of M.A.R.S.!

And thanks so much to all the wonderful ladies of the Gallery, feathered or not, we all had a GREAT time! And a special thanks to our volunteers Rene, Mary and Christina Ranieri, you guys are the best!

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