IMG_0528For most of us who are lucky enough to have feathered members in our families, we learned out of necessity, how to be practicle in coming up with creative ways to keep them entertained. One of the biggest challenges can be teaching your pet bird how to be happy and occupied on its’ own where you are not the main source of all their focus.

Over time here at M.A.R.S., learning how so many different species of birds can and do love to play with items presented to them has been a valuable learning lesson.

In the basket on the side you see items we frequently gather from yard sales, garage sales, Estate sales etc. you get the idea. Yes you have to be smart about what you pic out. No beenie babies or anything with very small injestible parts. Cloth eyes versus button eyes is a good example. Legos, wood blocks, disgarded dog toys also good, ( yes we wash all, and soak if necessary). You get the idea.

When we as humans realize that as avians in a pet situation,  they have the ability to learn to entertain themselves, all our our lives can be enriched. Which is why my next follow up blog will be about Birdy Boot Camp.

We thank you for reading this blog and hope to see your comments posted with your thoughts and ideas on this subject, and please share any good toy ideas you might have with us. We are always learning and practicle hands on experience is just simply the best kind of all.

Please remember a donation to our cause helps us to continue helping all of them to become the amazing avians that they can be. We have  at our Parrot Rescue here in Florida for adoption some very interesting characters to be sure. We also have some permanent residents you will enjoy meeting when you visit Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary also known as M.A.R.S..


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