What a successful adoption day Posted February 14, 2010 by LuAnn Apple



Captain Daniel Red and Lu with Captain Morgan and Cisco

We had a really great Animal Adoption day here in Melbourne. Thanks to Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital, South Brevard Animal Care and Animal Guardians. The event scored high in attendence, Dennis and Mary Peer of Animal Guardians were amazing in bringing Channel 13 to the event.

Press coverage is essential. The numbers prove once again that people will come out and support a good cause. Adopting a shelter pet.

New homes were found for 11 cats and 3 dogs. No birds, but lots of inquiries. Great fun was had by all who attended.

Refreshments were an amazing array of sweets and treats including pizza and sparkling cider. Cudos to Linda Pepin of Aloha for those.

As mentioned, a pirate or two came, along with M.A.R.S. favorite new adoptive parents Chris and Lorry Burger who were an amazing addition to the event. They are now fostering our feathered member Riley, she is a very lucky bird indeed. Future events are planned and we all hope they are equally as successful.

For those who missed this great event, you can still adopt a bird through the M.A.R.S. website. Please check out our “Parrots for Adoption” page and browse through the wide selection of available birds.

In addition, please also consider to make a donation to M.A.R.S. to support our cause. Check out the various memberships on the membership page. You can pay online (it’s fast and easy), and after a couple of clicks you’re already part of our family!

If you have any questions about bird adoption or our sanctuary, please contact me directly! I am happy to answer all your questions.

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