It adds up to the perfect formula for a well run, very successful fundraiser to benefit our exotic bird rescue known as M.A.R.S..

Anyone who has ever run their own yard or garage sale knows full well, the effort and preparation necessary to pull off a really good and well staged one, is staggering to say the least.

We are happy to say, this sale was the best one we’ve ever had at Melbourne Avian Rescue Sanctuary. Please know, that is saying alot, as we’ve put on some amazing sales here at the rescue to raise funds for M.A.R.S. parrots in the past. We invite all of you to visit our older blog posts to view those pictures.

What a simply amazing team of volunteers, and great people donating lots of really good items to sell can accomplish is tantamount to continuing the work we do at M.A.R.S.. Without these funds, helping all the parrots who come into our exotic bird rescue, adoption and rehabilitation sanctuary would not be possible.

Our sincere thanks to all the Volunteers who joined in and gave their time and energy towards making this such a successful endeavor. Please take time to view our pics which we will post on our Facebook page, Facebook.com/marsparrots.

It is also our sincerest hope, that you remember M.A.R.S. when ever a donation to our cause is possible. As always we need all the help we can get to keep helping all of them.

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